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We would just like to make you aware that due to signalling issues for Sunday 23rd September, we are combining both our Afternoon Tea service and the Traditional Sunday Lunch service in to 1 service train (in separate carriages) where there is usually 2.

This change means that there will be slightly different timings to the service as follows:


  • Train will still depart from Aviemore at 1pm but will return to Aviemore at 14:30 (previously 15:20)

PLEASE NOTE:  We do not want you to rush your dining experience with us so if you are not finished your meal by this time you are welcome to stay on board.  As you will see below the same train will depart again from Aviemore at 14:50 and will not return to Aviemore until 16:28 but the 2nd journey will be free of charge for any inconvenience caused.


  • Train will depart from Aviemore 5 minutes later at 14:50 (previously 14:45)
  • Train will arrive back in Aviemore at 16:28 (previously 16:23)

We apologise for any inconvenience caused with these changes.  Unfortunately, the above timings were the only option we had open to us other than cancelling the services completely so we hope you are still happy to come on board and enjoy the catering options you have booked.

Afternoon Tea – Departs Aviemore at 14:45


Step aboard our vintage train and be transported back to a time when Afternoon Tea was a tradition for many families. In the 1950’s many hotels and high-end stores served Afternoon tea at three o’clock.

Today, our Afternoon Tea service is unique in the Highlands, as it transports you through the beautiful Scottish countryside while relaxing with a fine selection of sandwiches, mouth watering home-made cakes, scones (baked on board with local jam and cream) together with a choice of speciality teas.

We have a selection of speciality teas or coffee if preferred.

Adult passenger price £29, Child passenger price £15 (return travel included) with First Class options also available.

Booking is essential (Please be aware online bookings close 20 hours prior to time of travel)

Click HERE to book Afternoon Tea

Click HERE to book First Class Afternoon Tea


Please Note:

Due to Food Hygiene regulations, dogs (with the exception of assistance dogs) are not permitted in the dining areas of any of our trains. This includes the first class compartments on the 10.30 departure.

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